Beginners Guides to Steroids - Starting to use Anabolic Steroids

Generally, injectable steroids are more suitable for beginners than Oral steroids that can be more toxic. Many people get freaked out when thinking about sticking a needle into their body. In reality, its a very easy and painless procedure when done properly. You may read about the basic steroid injection procedure on our site. Oral Steroids may be overall easier to use, so if you do use them it is advisable to use low doses and gauge your bodies response to the steroids.

Gaining mass and putting on the pounds (bulking):

Testosterone is the base of most steroid cycles. A beginner does not need much to see great gains. Over the last couple years on the internet, the beginner dosage has slowly increased. Once upon a time, 250mgs of testosterone a week was enough to see very good strength and muscle gains. However, today, many people will say a dosage of 500mgs a week is minimal. This is not true, this is being suggested under the thinking, more is better, which is false. If you have good quality steroids then any beginner will notice positive results from low dose steroid use.

A successful first cycle (assuming that your diet is in check), would be 250mgs of testosterone, every 5 days. Possible testosterones for this cycle would be Sustanon (a testosterone blend), Testosterone Enanthate, or Testosterone Cypionate. These testosterone steroids have a slow acting ester, which means they do not have to be injected frequently. With a slow acting testosterone, a user will begin to see great results from steroid use at approximately the 3-4 week mark but will notice some gains within one week. If the user has proper diet and training, a 10-20lb size increase can be expected within one month. Other positive side effects will include increased energy, sex drive, strength, and a sense of well being. (Buy our specially prepared Sustanon cycle for beginners)

For most people (males), at this dose negative side effects should not be present. Depending on the diet there may be some water retention. Taking testosterone propionate, which should be injected every second day (minimal), would decrease the water bloat, but many people do not like frequent injections.

For added boost, or possibly for a second steroid cycle, a user can add Equipoise (Boldenone Undecyclate) with the testosterone steroid. Equipoise is a popular veterinary steroid, which can be used for adding mass, or while dieting. Equipoise will give a slow, steady increase in mass and strength. Another plus to equipoise is that it increase appetite, which makes it more appropriate for bulking than cutting. 150mgs every three says will yield impressive results. Equipoise is a rather safe steroids, with no common major side effects. It has been used by many steroid users at 800-1000mgs a week without any noticeable side effects. Instad of equipose steroids, deca (nandrolone decanoate) can be used which has a longer acting half life and should be discontinued 2-3 weeks before the testoterone steroid is discontinued.

A total steroid cycle should last 8-10 weeks. This is a beginner recommendation. Some suggest doing short 2-3 week cycles, on and off, while others will suggest doing 16-20 week cycles. We believe beginners should start at the basic 8-10 week cycles.

Getting more definition, better looking physique and losing weight... (cutting):

Surprisingly, the same above steroids can be taken to lose weight, and will work effectively. Steroids arent magic, they arent going to help you lose weight. They will help you maintain your muscle, while you are dieting, and give your muscles the full look, but they dont burn fat. Testosterone Suspension or Propionate are better choices than Enanthate and Cypionate, as you wont hold as much water. The Suspenion or Propionate can be taken 50mgs everyday. They are fast acting, and you should see a lot quicker results compared to the slower acting testosterones. Although equipoise increases appetite is also great for that veiny or vascular look. Winstrol (Stanozolol) is another option, but there is the chance of increased negative side effects. There is a chance of hair thinning, acne and liver toxicity but it all depends on how the users body reacts to the drug, and if they are taking anything to minimize the side effects. Winstrol can be injected at 50mgs every other day, or taken orally at 30-50mgs a day, (30mgs/day suggested) with the dosages being split up through out the day. A non-steroid drug, Clenbuterol, can be used to aid fat loss. Clenbuterol is a bronchodilator, used in treatment for asthma. It is slightly thermogenic, and increases the bodys temperature, which in turn, increase the bodys fat loss capabilities.

Other steroids

There are a few other steroids that are also for beginners; with very little side effects. You have:

Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) Anavar (Oxandrolone) Primobolan

The only problem with the above three is the price, it can get quite expensive. Deca Durabolin can take the place of equipoise in the above bulking cycle, but we wouldnt recommend it in the cutting cycle. Users can hold water with Deca, and you just wont get the same look and feel, as you will with equipoise. Anavar is a great overall drug, but is probably the most expensive steroid available. It is known as the safest steroid, side effects are extremely rare. It yields slow steady gains, and can be used while bulking or cutting. Primobolan, similar to Anavar, it will give slow, steady gains, with very little side effects. Primobolan and Deca are injectables, while Anavar is an oral steroid. Several years ago, Primobolan and Deca Durabolin were two of the top steroids on the market. Because of research on other drugs, availability, and changing in prices, they arent used quite as often anymore.

Coming off steroids (post cycle therapy):

If you dont come off properly, you can lose your gains, have emotional problems, and your testosterone may remain shut down, just to name a few. As you can see, its very important to come off anabolic steroids the right way.

First, let us see the basics. Forget the steroids, forget the drugs, we need to really concentrate on the training, dieting, and rest part of your life. Training focus and intensity must remain high. Your mentality can change once you are off steroids, so you must keep training hard, and keep your mind focused. You must keep your protein intake high as well. Dont think once you are off you can stop eating properly. This is possibly the most important time to make sure your diet is in check. Rest, rest and rest. Make sure you get a lot of rest. While you were on steroids, your body, more specifically you muscles recovered a lot faster than they would naturally. Get a lot of rest, and make sure you dont overtrain.

On to the drugs and supplements. Over the years there have been a number of different theories of how to come off anabolic steroids. Some say take HCG, some say not to, some say take Clomid, some say dont, some say take Nolvadex, some say dont you get the point. More info on those drugs are on our main page, and there is a huge drug database in our members section.

We are going to give two basic choices, and reasons why we decided to offer two choices. Remember, there are numerous ways to come off steroids, or Post cycle therapy (PCT). This is our way, and we feel its best. However, its just our opinion, everyone can do more research and decide what is best for them.

Method one, Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) only. Recommended dosage: 40mgs a day for 14 days, then 20mgs a day for the next 14 days. The idea to use Nolvadex post cycle came around not too long ago, and Nolvadex only, even sooner than that. Users report full recover in their testosterone product and overall feeling. No side effects noticed. Thats it for the first method, nice and simple.

Method two, Nolvadex with clomid (Clomiphene Citrate). Users report an even better recovery with this, than Nolvadex alone. On the down side, Clomid has known to cause temporary side effects. Some users will get acne and extremely emotional for 2-4 weeks. However, many believe this is due to the natural testosterone production, and the imbalance with estrogen levels. 2-4 weeks is a very short period, considering your body is once again producing its natural testosterone once again, and you shall keep almost all of your gains.

As for health supplements, some like to take tribulus territories, which helps with the libido. Protein powders are always useful, while on or off steroids. Glutamine, which some swear by, while others claim it is useless, may be used as well, which is supposed to aid in muscle recovery. Creatine can also be started, which will help you keep your strength and weight (water) up, to avoid any immediate emotional disorders ie. if you happen to lose a bit of weight or strength, you may go into a depressed state.