Biogen SuperBol 400


Testosterone Enanthate 200mg/ml
Trenbolone Enanthate 100mg/ml
Drostanalone Enanthate 100mg/ml
Grapeseed Oil
Benzyl Alcohol


Biogen Pharmaceuticals Superbol 400 for sale


Info 400mg per 1ml,10ml Vial
Side Effects well tollerated blend of hormones
Average Dosage Biogen Pharmaceuticals Superbol 400 is usually injected on a weekly basis at a dosage of 400 – 800mg. Normally Monday 1ml and Thursday 1ml.

Supebol 400 is a unique anabolic steroid blend in that it is a blend of 3 different steroids giving a total of 400mg per injection,
This unique blend contains Testosterone Enanthate , Trenbolone Enanthate and Masteron Enanthate giving the athlete the edge with all three esters in each ml to minimalise injections. BioGen Pharmaceuticals Superbol400 is a lean mass blend and will give very good resulst the longer its took as its not fast acting the results will be very noticable around the mid cycle time.

Each 1ml of Super Bol 400 contains:
200mg Testosterone Enanthate (Active half life 1 – 12 days)
100mg Trenbolone Enanthate (Active half life 1 – 12 days)
100mg Drostanolone Enanthate (Active half life 1 – 12 days)

Androgenic: 100
Anabolic: 100
Estrogenic: Moderate
Progestational: Low