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Somatropin (Human Growth Hormone) 10iu by SciTropin
Human Growth Hormone 10iu x 10 Vials
Human Growth Hormone for sale
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Scitropin is an excellent Somatropin kit that contains 12iu per vial and 10 Vials so its a 120iu kit
it is the latest line of HGH we are happy to offer you in your goals be it anti ageing to bodybuilding somatropin offers all the benefits and more.
Ask us for your best programme when using HGH as some need less than others, for example 2iu will do great for skin and anti Ageing but not for bodybuilding – for bodybuiding we would say 4-6iu per day but that is the most you need
we generally like to say if you want to get better skin , fat loss and some new added muscle tone then 3iu per day monday – Friday and then take the weekends off to let your own production kick in.
order your scitropin today and fight things like virus’s and boost your immune system
also note we are seeing mroe and more poeple us human growth hormone HGH to boost their immune system during the covid19 pandemic
Stay healthy